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Services for New Broker Dealers

Greico Financial Training Institute….Helping Your Firm Grow

The process of building a new brokerage firm is daunting. However, many of the world’s greatest investment banks and financial institutions today began their operations as small retail brokerage firms. In addition to providing training services to the world’s largest investment firms, Greico Financial is committed to providing exceptional services to new and small brokerage. As a new broker-dealer, Greico can provide your company with all the tools necessary to build a knowledgeable and a professional sales force.

Securities Licensing Training:

There is no question that the first step in building a sustainable sales force is to pass the Series 7 course. Our innovative courses provide the most hours of quality instruction and the most comprehensive materials.

Easy Ordering/Payments:

Greico Financial Training Institute will be happy to set up a corporate ordering account for your new organization. For more information about how your growing organization can open an ordering account with Greico Financial Training Institute online, please click here (PDF link to Opening an Account).

Student Progress Tracking:

Greico Financial Training Institute web tools provide ways for managers to track the performance of candidates. By easily tracking student performance, managers can easily determine whether or not a candidate is ready to take the exam and reduce productivity and registration fee losses.

Volume Discounts:

Greico Financial Training Institute will also provide your company with volume discounts if multiples orders are placed monthly. For information about our volume discounts, please inquire about opening an online ordering account.