Series 7 Class Schedule



SERIES 7 Class Schedule

Greico... Simply the Best...

Greico has the Best Class Ever:

Max 20 Seats in a Class on a first come first serve basis 
(Smaller Class means more effective learning)

No More than 12ft away from the instructor 
(making for a more individualized tailored personal experience)

Most Hours of Instruction Live & On-Demand 
(Our 30 Hours vs Their 24 Hours for Series 7)

Longest access to live and on-demand class

Our Live Classes are interactive and engaging, do not use Powerpoint, and allow you to ask questions, for an educational experience tailored to your needs

- 24/7 Instructor Access via email


The most comprehensive, interactive and most engaging class with the most hours of instruction taught by Mr. James J. Greico himself.

  • Maximum 20 seats in a class

  • No more than 12 ft.  from instructor

  • Appeal to all learning styles (Audio, Visual, Tactile)

  • Personal instructor support

  • Ability to ask questions real-time

  • Step-by-step guidance


02 April 2020

4:30pm - 8:30pm


03 April 2020

10:30am - 6:15pm


06 April 2020

10:30am - 6:15pm


07 April 2020

10:30am - 6:15pm

*Complete Course Pre-Work as outlined in Syllabus before attending class, GET SYLLABUS HERE.

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