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Letter from Founder JAMES GREICO

Welcome! I founded Greico Financial Training Institute over twenty four years ago to create
a home for Wall Street. Since 1994, our institute has successfully trained over 500,000
financial planners, brokers, traders, and investment bankers to pass their required FINRA
exams and acquire the knowledge necessary to excel in their careers. Our institute offers
traditional classroom, live online interactive courses, financial education seminars,
customized training solutions for corporations, and private one on one instruction.

The Institute is now part of the Greico Group of Companies which consists of the Greico
Financial Training Institute, Greico Compliance Group, the Greico Academy for Wall Street.
The institute was created to assist our clients from their first days on Wall Street, providing
training and materials to successfully complete their FINRA licensing exams. Later, the
Greico Academy for Wall Street was added to the group to enable financial professionals of
all types to acquire the skills necessary to enhance their careers on Wall Street. The Greico
Compliance Group will create your own brokerage firm or RIA and provide compliance and
regulatory support on a continuous basis.

During the last few years, Wall Street has changed dramatically. In this new era, clients and
employers will only want to have a relationship with professionals who have extensive
knowledge of the financial markets, products, and processes. Professionals who speak the
language of a Wall Street veteran, dress professionally and have proper certifications. At the
Greico Group, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to prosper in this new and
challenging environment on Wall Street.

I invite you to learn about the courses, seminars and career advancement opportunities
available at the Greico Group.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-GREICO1 or visit our website

Wishing you the very best,

James Greico
President and CEO