Series 9/10

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* Live Class Enrollments cover 1 year of ability to attend scheduled live classes (call 48 hours prior to confirm attendance)
* On-Demand Online Class enrollments is 4 months
* Online Question Bank enrollment is 5 months
* Find Demos of Online Products HERE

The General Securities Sales Supervisor Qualification Examination (Series 9 and 10) is intended to test a candidate’s knowledge of securities industry rules and certain statutory provisions applicable to the supervision of sales activities at a general securities-oriented branch office. The examination question bank and question allocation is developed through a committee of securities industry professionals with experience in retail securities sales.

Please see NASD Rule 1022(g) General Securities Sales Supervisor for more information.


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  • D  - Series 9/10 : Live In-Person Class

    D - Series 9/10 : Live In-Person Class

    The Greico In-Class Experience… is unique in that it is engineered to appeal to all learning styles (Audio, Visual, and Tactile) especially for the newer generations who need higher levels of stimulation and the older generations who need the...

  • E  - Series 9/10 : Online On-Demand Class

    E - Series 9/10 : Online On-Demand Class

    Greico On-Demand training, the only “online training as good as being there”. Greico has revolutionized On-Demand online learning by replicating the unique Greico in-class experience in the online format. Students will receive a workbook so...

  • F  - Series 9/10 : Online Question Bank

    F - Series 9/10 : Online Question Bank

    Completely Customizable to your learning needs. The Question bank allows you to create custom quizzes by topic, by section, and by chapter. Our simulated exams are weighted to replicate the actual FINRA exam experience to accurately predict your exam...

  • G  - Series 9/10 : Textbook

    G - Series 9/10 : Textbook

    The most up-to-date and professionally written textbook in the marketplace today. Easy to read, in-depth, comprehensive with section questions and chapter quizzes. 900 pages, glossary of terms and content index included. Engineered for maximum retention...