C - Series 53 : Silver Package: Self Study

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Product Description

Our basic standard learning essential self study package …


includes our easy to read, in-depth, comprehensive textbook with section questions and chapter quizzes along with our completely customizable question bank, giving students the tools they need to succeed.




TEXTBOOK: The most up-to-date and professionally written textbook in the marketplace today. Easy to read, in-depth, comprehensive with section questions and chapter quizzes. Hundreds of  pages, glossary of terms and content index included. Engineered for maximum retention and learning efficiency.




ONLINE QUESTION BANK: Completely Customizable to your learning needs. The Question bank allows you to create custom quizzes by topic, by section, and by chapter. Our simulated exams are weighted to replicate the actual FINRA exam experience to accurately predict your exam performance.




Create custom quizzes…
Select the topics you want


Select the number of questions


Select to view the answers and explanations


Select to complete it online or in print




Create Simulated exams…


Weighted to simulate the experience of the actual exam
Accurately predicts your exam performance




Use Online or Offline…


Have the option to enable offline use.