Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my online access last for?

Online access to the on-demand class is for 1 year, and online access to the Question Bank is for 5 months

How long after ordered will I get online access?

After your order is processed you will be emailed login information for the On-Demand Class and/or Question Bank within 1 business day.

Can I use them on mobile?

The Question Bank should work fine from any internet abled device. Watch the on-demand requires flash which can be an issue on some mobile devices. The work around is to download the free mobile app, "Puffin Browser".

I'm having technical difficulties, what could be the problem?

If you are watching the On-Demand Class on a work computer the network may have limits to streaming content that will effect the playback of the on-demand class. If this is the case please contact your network administrator or use a non-work internet connection to watch class. Other issues could be a slow internet connection or Adobe may need updating on your device.

What is the return policy?

Materials are shipped wrapped in plastic wrap for safety, once this wrapping has been opened we will not accept returns of materials. Materials may be returned with approval within 14 days or purchase. Exchanges must be approved on case by case basis and may not cover the question bank in some situations.

Can I get a PDF of the Book?

We do not distribute PDFs of the textbook, we do distribute pdfs of the workbook with On-Demand Class enrollments in which a companion workbook exists.

Is there a dress code for live classes?

No dress code, dress comfortably.

Can I repeat the class?

You are welcome to repeat a live class you've enrolled in for 1 year. If planning to take the class again please email us to place you on the roster as seating is limited.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, but the standard shipping rate does not apply to international, so if you put an international address we may contact you for additional shipping charges or a domestic shipping address.

HOW TO USE THE ON-DEMAND CLASS? (Click to watch video)

HOW TO USE THE QUESTION BANK? (Click to Watch Video)