Options 101: Online On Demand Class (Greico SUREpass Course)

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This is a Greico "Surepass" On-demand Online Course. Surepass courses include all the following features:

- Video and Audio lectures featuring the most in-depth engaging lectures in the industry

- Class Notes from the Lectures

- Printable Workbooks to be used to assist in following the video lectures

- Surepass Notes Briefs: Condensed Note Packets Breaking down many of the main ideas of the course

- Terminology Flashcards: Help learn the terminology with these flashcard decks in different topics

- iOS/Android application for viewing classes and materials, download “Greico SUREpass Academy” today

*This purchase is good for a 4 month enrollment


Greico On-Demand training, the only “online training as good as being there”. Greico has revolutionized On-Demand online learning by replicating the unique Greico in-class experience in the online format. Students will receive a workbook so they can follow along with a live image of the instructor while filling in the blanks, creating their personal notebook which replicates the in class experience.

Greico On-demand Training:The lowest cost, budget saving alternative that replicates the Greico live class experience with the same great results.Our clients tell us, it’s just as good as being there.

Gamified Learning…

The gamified learning format with videos, lectures, and images is so engaging it’s like having a front row seat to the financial industry maximizing attention, retention and learning enjoyment.

Brokerage firms can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on in-house training costs, outside training programs and lost productivity when they use Greico On-Demand training.